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Our Story


When you pray a prayer and you say "God, do with it what you will", be prepared!

That's what Craig and I said on that October day in 2017...

We started this as a way for me to contribute as I stayed home to help with my aging parents. You see my mother, Linda, is the best cook I know! She has fixed food for farm hands and family about every day of her adult life. Cakes and cookies were always an after school staple for my brothers and I. My Mam-maw Brannon always fixed a pie or dessert if anyone in the family was sick and delivered it warm to their door. Craig’s grandmother Grace always had peanut butter cookies and his Aunt Betty delivers a cake to every family function. I guess you could say, we like baking around here!

I’m not a cake decorator, I can do a little of that, but there are plenty of decorators out there. We'll gladly give you a recommendation. I bake the cakes your mom, grandmother, or aunts made. Let’s not lose those old fashion recipes or the memories we have of those loved ones that made them.

In 2018, Craig said I was taking over the house. We had turned our spare bedrooms into a pantry and a packaging room. I was calling on mom and family for more help and we were growing. After much prayer and searching, we decided to build on the farm. Mom was loving it and I knew she couldn't be away from dad. Craig said we had an amazing spot, so in July 2019 we broke ground. In December we once again dedicated our little bakery to God's will and off we went.

Remember to be prepared!     March 2020 - Covid Hits

Covid rocked the world in so many ways. For us, we adapted our menu, added meals, adding staff, added an outdoor seating area, added a grain bin gazebo for covered seating, had a barn sale due to all the festivals canceling, and we cleaned a lot.

We found ourselves building in the chaos, the barn into a venue and store, an additional kitchen and restroom for the bakery, as well as a Tractor Shed, a space for other small businesses to come sell. We also lost some friends, grieved with their families, and realized how precious our time is. That just made us want to make Grain Bin more enjoyable for our guests, our Grain Bin Family!


We are Farm Fresh. Some days the air may seem more fresh than others but we strive to make something you will love. I would be glad to stir up a memory for you with an apple stack cake, carrot cake, or plantation cake. Check out the Menu page to see some of what all we offer. We always love a challenge too! Send us a recipe and we’ll whip up a batch or cake for you. We’ll take your ingredients, add a bit of love, and deliver something tasty!

Callie Brackett

Deuteronomy 24:19

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