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The Full Story


In 2019, we decided we had outgrown the home baking business. We prayed a lot and decided to share with the world a little slice of heaven where Callie grew up. We built a bakery in the middle of the Holt Farm! ""Your crazy!" It smell's like a farm, they will never come..." We heard a lot of opposition but one still small voice said "share the experience" so we have and hope you enjoy it!



Our mission is simple, "Love On Others!"

Obviously, we do that through food.

We say Food is our love language and at Grain Bin, we try to do it well!


We want to bring you to the farm so you can  experience something delicious and hopefully a moment of peace, relaxation, conversation with an old or new friend, and a chance to catch your breath.

Sit and rock a while.

Listen to the birds, wind, or that still small voice!

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