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      My mother, Linda, is the best cook I know! She has fixed food for farm hands and family about every day of her adult life. Cakes and cookies were always an after school staple for my brothers and I. My Mam-maw Brannon always fixed a pie or dessert if anyone in the family was sick and delivered it warm to their door. Craig’s grandmother Grace always had peanut butter cookies and his Aunt Betty delivers a cake to every family function. I guess you could say, we like baking around here!

I’m not a cake decorator, I can do a little of that, but there are plenty of decorators out there. I bake the cakes your mom, grandmother, or aunts made. Let’s not lose those old fashion recipes or the memories we have of those loved ones that made them.

Let us stir up a memory for you with an apple stack cake, carrot cake, or plantation cake. Check out the Menu page to see part of what all we offer. But....We love a challenge, send us a recipe and we’ll whip up a batch or cake for you. We’ll take your ingredients, add a bit of love, and deliver something tasty!

Callie Brackett

Deuteronomy 24:19

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